These are the interactions between ZeenaWooz and other Woozband.



Her debut and first interaction was with ZackWooz as his girlfriend for Woozworld Prom 2012. She pretended she was nice but was actually just as--if not meaner than--Zack himself. There were rumors that Zack cheated on her with an evil Ice Queen, but this was believed false and they never had any romantic attraction. He only wanted to increase The Queen's power and Zeena made up the cheating story to get liked by the Woozens. It is believed that Zeena may have been unhappy and annoyed with Zack, but made up the story so she wouldn't look like she was up to no good if she ever decided to leave him. However, Zeena and Zack stayed together and didn't break up until February 2015, when Zack knew she was fake and evil and dumped her, hoping for Jenny to take him back. After a good reconciling friendship with Jenny, he asked her out at the Woozworld Prom, but she rejected him and he planned to leave Woozworld forever, escaping to Nepal. Zeena returned for Zack and tried to get him back to his evil side, but he didn't want to associate with Zeena anymore so she captured him and used her new technology to possibly kill him. However in April 2016, Fil and Eva revived him from the past as a normal person again.


Mya and Zeena had something in common, they were both very interested in fashion. While Mya was a sweet girl who cares about other people, Zeena is conceited and doesn't care about anyone else as much and only acts like she loves the Woozens because she wants their attention.. Their biggest feud was their Fashion Face-Off in October 2012 where Woozens voted for the better animator and fashion queen. Mya won unfortunately and Zeena left for a while, but then returned. It is believed that Mya is Zeena's least favorite Woozband.


Since JennyWooz dumped Zack before Zeena arrived, they never fought over him. Zeena acted caring to Jenny when she and Max split in May 2014, although Zeena secretly made the couple split. Jenny and Zeena never had any friendly connections since, and Jenny may or may not see her as a good person. It is believed Jenny didn't want Zeena to take advantage of her like she did with GoodoldWooz in Sept. 2014 and has since been against Zeena.

Proof JennyWooz is Getting With ZeenaWooz

Zeena attempting to look like a good friend to Jenny.


She had a role in breaking up MaxWooz and Jenny. Rumors state that Max left Jenny for Zeena, but they've never had a connection. Later that year, Max had a status claiming an attraction to her, but he deleted it and never said anything since. It is uncertain if Zeena actually likes him.