Character Information
Also known as: Zeena
Status: Inactive antagonist
Age: 27-28
Friends: FilWooz and EvaWooz
Enemies: MyaWooz
Occupation: Animator, Fashion designer
First Appearance: 2012
Preztige: 50
ZeenaWooz, formerly dating ZackWooz, was introduced to Woozworld a couple years ago. She has tried to ruin Woozworld on many occasions. The first time was with when they were dating. Eventually broken up with Zack, she decided to torment Jenny's relationship in 2015. She was the one to break up Woozworld's hottest couple, Max and Jenny. She also has a sassy personality and thinks she's the better at fashion then MyaWooz. They've even had a "Fashion Face Off". She has done Woozworld good though, during the IceQueens reign of terror Zeena helped us build the GIANT snowman to beat her, although this could be a trick to get the Woozens to like her again. She continues to come in and out of the spotlight, but Fil and Eva took her away after reviving ZackWooz.
Mya and Zeena Fashion Face off

Eventz HostedEdit

Levelup jenny 45 posed
"Come join the Party!"
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