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Woozworld official mannequin base

A BLANK woozen

A woozen is the avatar you use to play the game. Since Woozens are the loyal people of Woozworld, the name is a pun on "woozworld" and "citizens."

Woozens can be dressed up in tons of different clothes and do many actions. Woozens can change their clothing, using the currency ("wooz" and "beex.") As of an update, beex is the major currency with wooz being the alternate, easier currency.

Female Woozens carry one hand on their hips and male Woozens carry their arms down. This update was done around 2012 to avoid confusion whether an avatar is a female or male. Accounts could carry up to 4 Woozens until 2011, when it was limited to 1.


a picture of Isabellah8's woozen

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