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Woozworld official mannequin base

A BLANK woozen

A woozen is the avatar you use to play the game. They are a pun on the word "woozworld and citizens" Woozens can be dressed up in tons of different clothes and do many actions. Woozens can change their clothing and the currency on woozworld is "wooz" and "beex" which are used for shopping. Wooz are a more rare currency which can buy better and bigger items. Items that you can buy using Beex are limited, but sometimes players sell items for Beex.

Female Woozens have one hand on their hips while Male Woozens arms are down. This change was made in 2012-2013 because, to avoid confusion and to forget that your woozen is a boy, or a girl.

Your woozen is very important in the game as it represents you and does certain actions. You can decorate rooms for your woozen, called Unitz. When you begin playing Woozworld, you will get to pick from a couple starting outfits. 


a picture of Isabellah8's woozen

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