I'm going to start doing reviews for random Unitz. I've already picked a random one and it belongs to the woozen LondonTiptonmo. The name of the Unitz is Tip-ton Jay Records Studio. The pic I took is on the bottom. This Unitz review was so random I just popped up. It kind of makes it more fun though. SO! Ratings:

Space- 10/10 Not crowded at all! Very organized.

Color codes- 8/10 It's mostly peach and lavender. The color codes are super nice but I took 2 points off because not everything matches. But it still looks good.

Furniture- 7/10 Has enough. Lots of couches though. There is still lots of stuff that would be in a recording studio though.

Overall score: 25/30 Great.

So that's our first Unitz review! :) Quacki (talk) 19:40, November 16, 2014 (UTC)Quacki



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