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Spellz are used by Woozens either on themselves or onto other players, which causes a small effect lasting only a few seconds. They come in many different types all causing different effects. A specific type would be Spellz Jobz, which transforms the woozens whole avatar for 15 minutes. Now they aren't used as much, as they are no longer sold.

No longer for sale via Booya, it is quite hard to obtain some spellz. Some are even nontransferable.

List of spells: Edit

Woopetz Foodz: Edit

Candy floss

Babiz Bottle



Foodz: Edit

Oink Foodz

Orange Juice



Chocolate bar


Hot Dog


Table cleaner


Spell Jobz: Edit

Flower Vendor

Basic: Edit

Bad day

Torch - Lib Street


Ribbons and Hearts

Send a Valentine

Handle a Drink

Torch - Colony V

New Year 2

Jester Ghost

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