MyaWooz is a woozworld animator; she is also one of the 4 main protagonists of the Woozband. She is considered a fashion queen and is very social. JennyWooz is her best friend, and ZeenaWooz is her worst enemy. She and JayWooz have a mutual attraction, but are not in a relationship. Her and JayWooz almost married during the Cupid of Love event, but the love potion wore off before the final vows were said.



Character Information
Also known as: Mya
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Friends: Friends:
Enemies: *ZackWooz *ZeenaWooz
Occupation: Woozband
First Appearance: 2009
Preztige: 50

She has bright red hair, and is usually seen wearing a combination of purple and black clothing. If you buy a hair inspired by her character, it will default be red.Edit

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