Movez can be found in the Actions tab, beside the chat bar. (On laptop/PC) Almost all are for everyone, except for the last skateboard movez, which is for VIP.

List Of Movez Edit

  • Head Shake
  • Side Steps
  • Bounce Bounce Bounce!
  • Big M
  • Swirls
  • Stop and Go
  • The Juggle
  • The Swimmer
  • Itch Powder
  • Get Low
  • Zombie Dance
  • Raise Hand
  • Light Strike Gun
  • LiteSprites Wand
  • TouchDown
  • Unnamed movez: you jump with one hand up
  • Unnamed movez: you jump on a skateboard
  • Unnamed movez: you jump on a skateboard and the skateboard spins (VIP)

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