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Everyone has heard of "Jax," the ship name for Woozworld's infamous couple, Max and Jenny. They were married in the early years of the virtual world and had a wedding each year for their anniversary. They also had furniture dedicated to them, and you could win a heart-shaped unitz by entering the code, "Max&Jenny2gether4ever" on a lock in the Ballroom unitz.


MaxWooz and JennyWooz seemed like the perfect couple, but perfect doesn't exist, am I right? (EXCEPT QUEEN -NADENE- OF COURSE). Max was sweet, thoughtful, loyal, caring, selfless, and everything you'd want in a husband, but that wasn't enough for Jenny. During their relationship, Jenny always had her ex-boyfriend, ZackWooz on her mind. Max was the perfect guy, but Jenny is an attention-whore; she wanted both men to fight for her attention. Even though he didn't want to, Max was very selfless and told Jenny that she could be with Zack if that made her happy. Jenny would then get extremely upset and accuse Max of not loving her. Who would've thought that the "Mother of Woozworld" would have such a manipulative and promiscuous side? His wife was getting out of control, but Max loved the Jenny he used to know too much to let her go. He thought it was just a phase she was going through, but the "old Jenny" was all an act. One day, Max comes home early from his game show and finds Jenny having a three-some with Zack and her BFF, MyaWooz. That was the last straw for Max; there were way too many red flags. Max absolutely despised cheating, and refused to forgive Jenny even though he had always forgiven her past mistakes. This happened the same week as Jenny's birthday party, which Max did not attend. Jenny fake-cried and fed lies to ZeenaWooz, who was comforting her. Jenny, being the manipulative rat she is, lied to the media and all the blame was on Max. There was also a rumor about Max abusing Jenny, but that was another one of her lies. Jenny had bruises all over her face and body, but none of them were from her ex-husband. Jenny had fallen and hit a lamp while having anal sex during her three-some. She accused Max of abusing her, and had Woozens team up against Max. The truth about their toxic relationship was kept from the media because who would believe an Asian over Woozworld's Sweetheart?

After the Breakup

After the breakup, Max learned that the thing with Zack and Mya wasn't Jenny's first time cheating. Woozens (even Santa Wooz) came up to Max and admitted that they've done stuff with Jenny before. Max was very sweet, so he thought the only reason Jenny was never loyal was because she never got pleasure from Max.   He became self-conscious of his sex abilities and started watching porn 5 times a day. When he ran out of videos, (he's been on every video that has ever existed) he felt that he was ready to show his abilities to Jenny and possibly win her back. Since he was now a sex master, he thought Jenny would finally be loyal. Max searched everywhere for her, but Jenny was nowhere to be found. Zack has just recently died, so when Jenny heard, she immediately went on a search for him because she was hella turned on by the idea of being able to do whatever she wanted to her ex (sex related, of course!). Jenny dug up Zack's coffin and started doing things with his body non-stop. When she was hungry or thirsty, she ate her come. When she had to use the bathroom, she used the waste for sex activities. She had been doing things to him for over 2 weeks when she felt extremely hungry. She had been living off of came, but that wasn't even to satisfy her starved stomach, so she ate Zack's ballsacks! It wasn't difficult for her to tear them off because his body was extremely rotten. When a worried Max had finally found Jenny, she was caught giving Zack's corpse a blow job while fingering him and sitting on his lips, a long turd hanging out of her anus and into Zack's mouth. Max was pissed and got drunk, so he slept with Kween Von Klokz, Zack's mother. When the rest of the WoozBand found Jenny, they threw her into an insane asylum, where she started to have sex with all the workers and other crazy people in there. Everyone liked the sex, so the workers wouldn't let Jenny leave. Jenny missed Zack's corpse and wanted to leave to be reunited with him, so she stopped doing any sexual activities with everyone and they kicked her out of the asylum because they were mad. When she learned that Zack's body was burned, she threw a tantrum and bit out Sunset916 's eyes, which is why she is an ugly colorblind rat. There was no helping Jenny now; she had became satan! One day, a hacker  threatened to remove Jenny's existence from Woozworld if she attacks the woozens and ruin Woozworld, so scared lil Jenny agreed to go back to her fake personality in public events. Jenny faked the personality so much that she started getting a little better and wasn't as crazy as before. She did this for 2 years, and is now a lot more tolerable. She was even able to persuade the Woozband into giving up their events and letting her change it all to sex events for 2018. 

Horny Jenny

JennyWooz is referred to as "Horny Jenny" by Max, Zeena, and GoodOldWooz (who she had tried to sleep with). Jeeny is a sex monster; she has orgies every week and sleeps with a different Woozen every night. She owns every sex toy that ever existed, and has multiple unitz all dedicated to sex. She is extremely kinky and has tried and is always trying new positions in bed. She has never been tested, but many Woozens have reported getting 2 or more STI's after spending intimate time with her. JennyWooz is known to love desserts, but there is a double meaning behind it. If you guessed "sex," you are 100% correct! Her love for cupcakes don't just refer to the baked good. It expands to her putting frosting (sometimes ejaculation) and sprinkles all over her breasts and vulva and having her "bed buddy" eat it like they would a cupcake! She calls this, "tittie cakes" and "pussy cake."


Sunday: Sex with Jenny: Auditions

Monday: Sex with Jenny: Winner Announced and Performance by Winner

Tuesday: Sex Stories and Steamy Fanfiction Club

Wednesday: Eating Titty and Pussy Cakes

Thursday: Becoming Jenny's Dick-Popsicle

Friday: Orgy Day

Saturday: Sex with Jenny: Sex Rating Show