Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Max
Status: Active protagonist
Age: 27 (born 21 November 1989)
Friends: MyaWooz
Enemies: ZeenaWooz, ZackWooz, Woozarazzi
Occupation: Animator, game show host
First Appearance: 2010
Preztige: 50

MaxWooz is an Administrator on Woozworld, he first joined in 2010. He alongside MyaWooz, JennyWooz, and JayWooz are the four main animators/event hosts of Woozworld.

Eventz Hosted Edit

  • Max's Game Show
  • Wolf
  • MOVEZ It
  • VIP Map Game


Max is best known for his Game show and is a laid-back and fun animator. He had a relationship with JennyWooz from 2010-2014.

His fravorite game is Mad Max

Levelup jenny 45 posed
"Come join the Party!"
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Max changes his outfits based on the most recent clothes that are released in the Woozworld Store, his Color Code is various shades of Blues, Yellows, and Greys. His hair varies shades black and dark blues.


  • He is the only animator whose national origin is known; in 2017, he was said to be Chinese.
  • His birthday is late November so he's most likely Sagittarius or late-cusp Scorpio. He is also the last animator to celebrate a birthday.


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