Woozen-7477 334756-2

Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Jenny
Friends: Friends:
Occupation: Animator
First Appearance: 2010
Preztige: 50
Color Scheme
Color Color Color

JennyWooz is one of the four main animators, and is a regular. She is the spouse of MaxWooz. Jenny's colour code is mint green, and pink, Jenny uses two different shades of pink, as one of them is lighter and one is darker.

  • I like Cupcakes

Personality Edit

Jenny used to be a genuine mother figure to the woozens but then the Crack of Woozworld (in reference to the Crack of Wallstreet) happened.

Historical context Edit

Crack of Woozworld Edit

Since the creation of Woozworld in (see Wikipedia) until 2010, there wasn't economical problems in Woozworld for many regulated woozens came each day in Woozworld. But since 2011Januar, the Woozband had to cope with big finuncial problems. Less and less woozens came so they decided to put an exaggerated system : the "EnergiZ" or "Level System". It's a system that claims that the more time you receive votes, win games, the more you will be in a higher rank. Whenever you reach a certain level, you will receive Wooz ( see article ) .Another thing the Woozband decided ;was to give a whole day along VIP's card to the woozens who were connected . Those appetizing offers were however more seen as an desperate buoy to keep the last woozens on Woozworld. Because no matter how many efforts they put in woozens kept leaving. Another category of Woozens were the Eldest , those who were on Woozworld sine his birth. They formated an activist group against the bored world Woozworld had became. Naturally, those Eldest were an elite, who were only consisted of the most well-off woozens.

Solutions Edit

Even if the Eldest kept nagging about the abolishement of the Level system, no member were there to listen to them. Some were so desperate, they even tried to bring the subject on Woozband Talk Show/Café/Event but were or ignored or growled by Woozband member Jay Wooz.Woozworld understood that time change, farewell the old days with fantasies or creations with sparkles of imaginations, now there's the technology market that invaded us and Woozworld had to adapt to the new generation. The Eldest left. The Woozband becam very interested to the new "chic" image of thr youngest and were addicted

Impact on Jenny Wooz

Jenny Wooz was the most tagged by this "copy the teens trend". So she aspired to looked as if she was as a popular teenager and even divorced with her husband Max . She's no longer a mother figure but became a stupid imitation ( follow like lambs) the American celebrities like Ariana Grande. She even did a mouth job to look more as the celebritites!!!

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