Character Information
Gender: male
Also known as: Jay
Status: Active protagonist
Age: 28 (born August 31, 1989)
Friends: MyaWooz, MaxWooz, JennyWooz, LoganWooz, JaneNewbie, LilyWooz
Enemies: ZeenaWooz, ShamWooz
Occupation: woozworld animator
First Appearance: 2010
Preztige: 50

JayWooz is part of the Woozband crew. He was the first animator of the crew to join Woozworld. He is one of the four main animators in the game. JayWooz has colors of red, and black for his clothing. He hosts several different events. He mainly hosts unit design contests.

Eventz HostedEdit

  • Jay's Freestyle
  • Jay's VIP Freestyle
  • iDeJsignz

PJay is versonality Edit


Jay has black hair. He has brown hair and sports a black beard.

  • He is a Virgo, being born August 31.
  • He has been an animator the longest. He has also introduced JennyWooz and JaneNewbie to Woozworld.
  • He had a small fling with Mya in 2016. He had been rumored to date her in 2012.
  • Before 2011, he did not have a beard.


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