FilWooz and EvaWooz are siblings and are rumored to be children of the future. They debuted in 2014 and were said to have some relation to GoodoldWooz but they aren't his kids. They showed up as heroes before and acted as if they were to help save Woozworld. 


FilWooz and EvaWooz

 But in October 2014, suspicions arised that they could be evil when they played a role in the 2014 Zombeardtosis outbreak which involved turning all the animators and nearly all Woozens into zombies if they touched green slime or were within 2-3 grid squares of an infected Woozen. Fil and Eva were never completely proven evil unitl 2015, and were possibly related to ZeenaWooz. The first 2 letters of Eva and the last 2 letters of Fil spell EVIL.

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