Faces are a garment for Woozens, they can be customized by colour when they are colourable. There are faces designed for girls, and boys, and some faces designed for both. Most of these can be bought with Beex or Wooz through the Shopz, they can also be bought by other Woozens with Beex. Faces which are sold for promotions and are mainly sold with Wooz, and are transferable. Faces can be "gifted" to other Woozens, if they are your friend, and you buy the face with the currency, Wooz. In 2015, new faces were added when making a new account. Many faces can be purchased on the Shopz, with an assortment for all Prestige.

However, there are some faces which were sold in special sets, like Leeuh, Fantine, Esqueleta, Dolloween, Bratz, Manga, Evanesce etc. There are also special faces locked only for VIPS, such as Very Sad Important Person, Very Happy Important Person and Very Angry Important Person. There were also some faces which were only sold once and never again, like Excitement and Doll Face.


Example of a transferable face, along with an assortment of faces.

Some faces have never been openly available. Examples include ZackWooz's face, ZeenaWooz's face, FilWooz and EvaWooz's face, and the new 2015 Animator faces.