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Character Information
Gender: Female
Status: Inactive Woozen
Friends: Friends:
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Occupation: Animator
First Appearance: 2014
Preztige: 50
EvaWooz is an Administrator on Woozworld, she first joined in 2014. She alongside FilWooz, travelled back in time temporarily to Woozworld, since then they have returned to the future. Their pasts are shrouded with mystery. In October 2014, Woozens can buy her signature hairstyle as a way to cure Zombeardtosis.




EvaWooz wears here own unique hairstyle, and her clothing was the winning outfit in a design contest. This is what she wears-

  • Hair- Evalis
  • Torso- Hollyxooz Dress
  • Legs- Hollyxooz Leggings
  • Feet- Hollyxooz Heels


  • She and Fil are possibly evil after events in 2015, plus letters in Eva and Fil spell Evil, She's a rumored daughter of Zack and Zeena but their official parents are still unknown. It was later proven that Zack is not their father but it is almost certain that Zeena is their mother. Fil is her brother and they are believed to be twins. They come from the future, although no year is given.